Steps to unlock Kurator with your Appsumo code

Thank you for purchasing a lifetime subscription to Kurator.

To unlock the software with your Appsumo code please follow these steps:

  • Install Kurator in your chrome Browser (Button Below)
  • After Installation Pin your Kurator icon to the address bar
  • Next click on the icon to launch the Dialog sign-up/sign-in dialog
  • Click on the sign-up button and register your account
  • Now check your email, confirm your registration and sign-in
  • After you sign in, click on the Account tab (top right) and upgrade with appsumo code
  • To curate simply click on the icon on any web-page
  • choose the folder you want to save the post
  • Create new folders from the Kurator Bookmark Manager
  • Make sure you fill out all the fields. It will make it easy to find and remember what you saved
  • Click on the "Kurator Bookmark Manager" icon in the toolbar or from your Bookmark menu to access your saved links.
  • To export your bookmarks via RSS, add folders to the Sync Folders tree
  • Enjoy