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Remember Everything

Why Should I Curate News?

News fuels content strategy for political campaigns. Remembering the history of events (content you and your opponents have shared) will help you improve your content strategy.

Rapid response to emerging news is a critical task for any campaign manager. A curated content library will help you find the best response for any scenario.

You can use your curated library to engage and educate your visitors. (Click on the chatbox to your right to see how it works)

News in context offers transparency and insight!

Branding on social media is directly related to your reach and engagement.
Top campaigns use news articles to communicate their positions on policy.

Bernie Sanders

Channel: Twitter
Followers: 9.26 Million
Posts/Month: 268
Avg Posts/Day: 8.6
Engagement: 2.7 Million
Avg Engagement: 9959
Avg Engagement/Post: 0.11
Follower Growth: 39K

Elizabeth Warren

Channel Twitter:
Followers: 2.5 Million
Posts/Month: 386
Avg Posts/Day: 12.5
Engagement: 5.3 Million
Avg Engagement: 14K
Avg Engagement/Post: 0.54
Follower Growth: 121K

Kamala Harris

Channel: Twitter
Followers: 2.65 Million
Posts/Month: 253
Avg Posts/Day: 8.2
Engagement: 3.2 Million
Avg Engagement: 13K
Avg Engagement/Post: 0.48
Follower Growth: 93K


Channel: Twitter
Followers: 341K
Posts/Month: 432
Avg Posts/Day: 13.9
Engagement: 73K
Avg Engagement: 169
Avg Engagement/Post: 0.05
Follower Growth: 1923

Computer Screen - trump tweets

What will News Hub do for you?

A curated news hub on selected topics prepares you to respond to any situation with the right piece of content

  1. Quickly index news in context and find the right response to any situation
  2. Standardize response across your campaigns
  3. Editorialize summary and images for each post
  4. Let your followers vote on the content, so you know what resonates
  5. Provide your followers with the tools they need to debate friends online
  6. Build a consistent #hashtag strategy for your content
  7. Give voters complete transparency on your views
  8. Turn your News Library into a voice-activated chatbox on your website.

Our Curation Services

  • Curate Social Media Accounts
    • Curate social media posts
    • Write a headline per post
    • Assign an image per post
    • Assign content tags per post
  • Curate News
    • You give us the topics
    • We research and find the best content
    • We summarize each post
    • We find and optimize the right image
    • We assign content tags
    • and add the author's twitter handle per post
  • Create a ChatBox
    • Setup your Chatbox
    • Use your curated library to create a diag flow

Please let us know your interest and we will contact you.

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