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Content Library

A Digital Content Library is place for you to organize access to content that can be used again and again by your team and potential customers.  We make it real easy to curate access to any digital asset in one place.  We also make it easy to index, navigate and share this information.

Create Knowledge Assets for your Team

Content Libraries are effective sales and marketing tools. Curate your sales and marketing content, product and company reviews, industry articles, and any type of information that will help your customers make informed decisions.

Organize them in easy to navigate KBucket libraries, and allow your sales people and employees easy access to this content to support their efforts.

Content Library Growth Graph

Make Your Content Sharable

When your employees share information from the library, you will grow your reach and drive more qualified traffic to your website. The graph across shows the increase in inbound traffic once employees started sharing content from the content library.

Curating informative and insightful articles from industry leaders, will give your sales people the right tools to share a wide array of articles with their followers on social media. This will help them gain mind share and establish thought leadership, while driving valuable traffic to your start. Growth hacking technique for the entire team.

Get Started with Kurator

Kurator is our Chrome Extension for curating and organizing the content you want to share via your content library.

Simply load the page, the article, and or social media link (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc), add personal comments on the reasons you have selected this item to be in your library, then tag it and save it to the appropriate folder.

Kurator makes it real easy to add, delete and re-organize the items in your content library.

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Some Examples of KBucket Pages

John Manley
John is an Immigration attorney. He curates and shares news on US immigration to engage his followers with related topics.
Expert Dojo is an accelerator in Santa Monica California. They coach startup on how to prepare and seek funding from VC's. They curate articles on funding and startup related advice and have created a library of links to some of the companies and investors they work with.
Optimal Access
We curate articles related to content marketing, growth hacking SEO and blogging. We share our curated content via social channels and use it as reference for our blog post and social selling.