Optimize Your Chrome Browsing Experience

Remove Tab Clutter, Remember Everything, Get Instant access to Your Information


Do You Keep Tabs Because you don't want to lose them ?

Kurator lets you instantly save, organize, comment and tag links with one simple click.  This will allow you to close tabs without losing them. What sets Kurator apart is the ease of accessing, organizing and sharing these links!


Curate and Organize with One Click

Kurator scrapes information off of the page and lets you add your comments and tags so you can both remember why you are saving the link, and find it easier.

Kurator Dialog 500

Publish Your Research

Kurator let's you select the folders you want to share, so you can organize, export and publish your research online via KBucket (Knowledge Bucket) pages.

Click below to see our curated library on our website.

KBucket Screen