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Content Libraries + Advocacy Platform

Research shows that word of mouth is the most effective way to establish trust.  We offer a solution for building and growing a network of advocates, employees and fans, to help you grow your reach and get leads.


Social Selling

You need to engage on Social Media to establish trust with the 21st century buyer. Content libraries and Advocacy platforms let you use your employees and fans to grow your reach



You support a cause, or run a political campaign and want to use your followers and employees to promote your agenda and highlight issues that matter to your campaign.

Hiring-an-employee - employer branding

Employer Branding

Connect with your employees, use them to share your content, ask them to find top talent in their social networks to join your team, create a stong company culture and an army of engaged employees.

Social Selling

Research shows that decision makers are much more responsive towards sales reps when they include case studies, industry articles and white papers in their outreach.

We make it easy for organizations to continuously curate and update their sales collateral and industry news, organize it in an easy to index online library and easily share material that drives traffic back to your website.

The graph across shows the growth in inbound traffic attributed to the content library.


Content Library Growth Graph
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Advocacy Campaigns

Whether you run an advocacy or a political campaign, you need effective ways to engage your audience with the right content at the right time. By curating and editorializing news and informative articles you will create an invaluable resource you can draw on instantly and frequently to spread the right message at the right time. Campaigns need historical reference, as well as emerging news to draw attention to their cause.

Employee Branding

Engage your employees. They are your most effective ambassadors. Recruit them, ask them what content they want to share, and use few to reach millions of potential clients. Whether you want to inform your employees of the latest news, help establish them at thought leaders by sharing great content, or recruiting new employees, social seeder advocacy platform is for you.


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