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As a social media marketer or a start-up entrepreneur, content curation may be a key strategy that allows you to re-purpose previously written content to share with your audience. It is extremely useful when you have only so much time to create fresh, long-form content from scratch. Curation tells your audience that you’re willing to take a broader view of topics and stay on the pulse of industry trends.

Curation is also leveraged by teachers, students, researchers, and just about everyone with the need to access information from different sources, share it and archive it for future use.

However, even as content curators understand the value the process delivers, they often struggle to organize the content they have pulled in, store it securely and access it on-demand easily. Here’s where a curation tool or software can come in handy.

How can you organize your content online?

To get an idea of the possibilities for organizing curated content, we can look at a couple of examples on our site.

Tagging is a basic, useful method of categorizing content. Tags are phrases and keywords associated with a certain piece of content, offering clues into what the content (article, blog, infographic, etc) is all about. Tag clouds on blogs allow readers to view topics on the site (as well as the most popular topics that may be highlighted in bold or a bigger font) and click on a tag to directly access all the posts around the particular topic.

Grouping is another method that brings similar content together and enables readers to quickly find different news or opinions on the same topic/issue/theme. Google News is a good example of grouping and organizing news content.

Topic pages also offer a means of organizing content – by topic. Quora, Pinterest and the New York Times have topic pages using which readers can see all the content related to the chosen topic on a single page.

Click here to see how our KBucket pages group and tag our curated research for easy discovery.

Optimal Access simplifies content organization

Optimal Access is a smart software that helps you organize curated content. Say you’re on a webpage of a news website or an authoritative industry/media site, and you think you can use the material for your business blog. You can create a curation folder, and drag and drop the particular URL into the folder where it will be saved. If the post concerns social media marketing (SMM), you can name the folder accordingly, and add subsequent SMM-related articles to the folder. You can also add additional information like the author name or custom tags for easy searchability. It makes organizing content a snap and adds more efficiency to your overall content curation process.  Watch this video to see how it works

Now start your Firefox browser and install the extension and experience the power of our tool for yourself.

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