If you are doing Opposition Research you need our tools.

We let you curate and access all your articles in context!

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We turn your Opposition Research into a strategic asset


  • Curate as you Browse-  Curate, comment, tag and organize articles with one click.
  • Edit and Reorganize with ease - Easily organize and reorganize your links and comments as your research grows.
  • Publish your research to your website - Organize research in channels and publish thousands of articles on one page
  • Fuel ideas for original content - View events in context, and draw new conclusions.
  • Social Media Strategy - Share your research via social media channels and drive traffic to your own website
  • Control what your followers share - Control both articles and comments your users share
  • Follower Advocacy - Grow your reach by having your followers share content out of your content library
  • Easily build video content - Your curated research make it easy to build powerful video content
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Turn your Research into Video content

Video content gets more engagement. With thousands of articles at your finger tips you can quickly build video content to be shared on social media to drive your message and educate your target market.

KBucket Examples - Record History


This is an example  a KBucket page integrated with your web site as a stand alone page


Here  we have a two year running history of the Trump election and Presidency. There are over 2000 articles from more than 300 publications on this page.


This research started in 2010, and there shows the range of the Koch Brother activity and influence on policy in the US.

Our Tools

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Get Kurator

Kurator is our Chrome Extension that enhances your bookmark manager. It scrapes information off the pages you want to save, let's you modify and add comments, content tags and publisher and author information is separate fields. 

Pin all of your research under one tab, never lose a link, publish and share your research online and save time every day looking for information.

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Get KBrowser

KBrowser offers the ultimate browser interface. Organize access to your information sources in tabs, Save tabs in groups and turn your browser into a personal dashboard. You can close tabs without deleting them. You can open temporary browsing windows as sub pages to your active window.

KBrowser works with the Waterfox browser, an excellent fast browser built on the Mozilla technology that has eliminated many of the encryption and data collection features of Firefox. Download Waterfox and add KBrowser to get started.

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Get KBucket

WordPress Plugin for your Website

KBucket is our plugin for WordPress for sharing your research. Use it for Content marketing, authoring access to your documents, building and boosting your backlink strategy and improving your SEO.