Social Media Marketing for Political Campaigns

Curation + Advocacy

Powerful tools for curating your opposition research, publishing them into Content libraries and sharing through advocates.

Save hours every week collecting and organizing your research.  Be ready to respond to any event with the right content.


Testimonial (Save Time)



At “Show me Victories” we provide strategic communication to our clients. As part of our service, it is essential that we thoroughly research our subjects to gain insight into our strategy for communication.

We have been using Kurator for a few months now and it has proven to be a huge time saver over previous methods and tools. I have saved 5 hours a week, curating, organizing and sharing my research with my team.

Bryce Summary P.H.D
Head of Research
Show me Victories



Publish your Research

Publish your research into easy to navigate content libraries. Each post is presented as a card, with far more subject detail for your target audience to help focus the message.

Add your comments and summary for each post, and save it along with the content tags, publisher and author info and the author's twitter handle.

Use tags to filter and quickly view any article in the context of your entire research.

Share each post individually and drive traffic back to your content library.

Be ready to respond to any event with the right content from your research.

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Grow Your Reach

Word of mouth is the most powerful advocacy. Use your followers to broadcast your message and reach more people.

Our advocacy platform lets you recruit, manage, message and measure the impact of what you share.

Be ready to respond to any news, by reaching into your research and broadcasting your message via a group of advocates.

During campaign time, opposition research and history matters to shape minds and win votes.

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This is how you recruit advocates

You create a landing page, like the one below, recruit followers, and send them content to share on their social networks.
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