Steps to unlock KBucket and Kurator with Lifetime code!

Steps to unlock KBucket

  • Register with your Lifetime code on the contact form across
  • Confirm your email and you will be directed to your profile page
  • Next register your site and complete your profile information
  • Copy your API key from your profile page
  • Install KBucket on your site (Watch the video for the steps below)
  • Go over to your KBucket plugin page and add your API key to your settings page
  • Scroll down the settings page and select the option yes for "use at shortcodes"
  • Now go to your KBucket page in your Pages module
  • Create a 2 column row (70% to 30%) and paste the shortcodes into the columns
  • To install Kurator visit our page here, watch the video, install Kurator and enter your coupon during the registration process.