Installing KBucket


First click on Edit Profile and enter your personal information as well as your company name and URL from the company tab.

We need the URL to associate your license to your site.

Next, if you haven't done so, install the KBucket extension by clicking on the link below.

Use the registration key on this page (below this text) to unlock KBucket.

To upgrade, scroll to the bottom of this page and purchase a license.

Subscription Plans

Copy and Paste API key into your setting tab in your KBucket Dashboard on your WordPress site

Have Questions?

Launch your WordPress website. Go to your plugin Directory and search for KBucket.  You can directly install KBucket from your plugin Directory.

You can also download the plugin by following the link above and install it from your computer.


You get one license per site. Your license will renew every year automatically.
If you cancel your subscription, your license will revert back to the free version, after your subscription expires.

Curating with Optimal Access

Curating and managing the content for KBucket is managed through the Kurator chrome extension. Click here to install Kurator.