CMS For Chatbots - Manage chatbot responses from your curated library.

A powerful yet easy-to-use solution to managing Dialogflow chatbot responses! Ideal for managing your corporate communication where content is changing often!

Manage Dynamic Content For Your Chatbots!

Build and manage dynamic content for use in your chatbots! Great for managing projects, news curation, FAQ type applications, and any type of project that needs an easy way to create and manage content outside the chatbot! We offer the tools for building and managing your chatbot cms and Webhooks for Dialogflow agents.

Corporations, use conversational chatbots to manage projects and learn from their users

Support Teams,  use conversational chatbots to get users quickly to what they need!

Campaigns use conversational chatbots to manage their volunteers.

Anyone can use curation and conversational chatbots to share news from trusted sources 

CMS for Chatbots!

For conversational chatbots to work well, you will need to manage both context and the meta information for the content you want to share. Our solution makes it easy to manage both.

Kurator and KBucket make it easy for you to curate and structure the content you want to share via your chatbot with ease. The content, publisher, author, and date tags are all used as entities to retrieve information.

Chatbot CMS
Chatbot CMS
Chatbot CMS

You will need to get a Kurator and a KBucket license to manage your content. We will charge you a one-time setup fee of $1000 to install the webhooks and show you how it works.