Our Vision

Turning information to knowledge and knowledge to Wisdom!


Our mission is to provide tools that make it easy for users to curate and share information in context.

  • 1

    We plan to port our authoring tool to all browsers

  • 2

    We strive to create the Wikipedia platform for curators. A place where every one can share their research!

  • 3

    We will empower every user to publish and distribute their research through their own branded apps.


Karan Bavandi
Founder, serial entrepreneur
Karan Bavandi – Karan is a serial entrepreneur with a Masters in Computer Engineering. He started his career in computers as a programmer and later switched to business development and marketing where he excelled in management and leadership roles.
Stefan Ritzi
Information architect and technician
Stefan Ritzi – Stefan is the visionary behind the first Optimal Access products and brings 18 years of IT and product management experience. A super information architect and technician, Stefan has solved the age-old information structure (taxonomy) problem in the current version of the product. He has experience managing teams in creative development efforts with minimal resources.


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