Chatbot Development

We offer powerful tools to curate, structure, and organize content for serving your chatbot responses. Manage your ever-changing information flow effectively! 

Our curation and KM tools can be used as a content source for all NLP chatbots.

Currently, we offer a set of webhooks for Dialogsoft "Google Assistance" responses, however, we are available to customize and build new webhooks to connect with your NLP platform (i.e. RASA, LUIS, Watson).

You can host the KBucket solution on your own website, or use our free and public platform as your CMS.

Follow these steps to get started.

  • 1
    Get the curation tool
    In order to curate your chatbot responses, you will need to install Kurator, our chrome extension to get started. To post your research to the CMS you will need to upgrade your Kurator license.
  • 2
    Register for Free on KBucket site
    We use our KBucket Knowledge Management portals as CMS for our chatbots. You can register for free on or purchase a license and host KBcuket on your own site. For the free account, once you register we will ask you for the Kurator license before we approve your account.
  • 3
    Contact us for the Webhooks
    We have developed a set of webhooks for Dialogflow's "Google Assistant" responses. We are offering these webhooks with setup and training for $999. If you are using a different platform like Watson, RASA, or Luis and require custom webhooks, please contact us for a quote.
  • 4
    Register with Botcopy
    Botcopy is the UI for publishing your Dialogflow chatbot on your website. You can register for free with Botcopy, but make sure you have your Dialogflow account and agent setup.
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