Enterprise Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Systems, intranets, portals, and document management solutions address the problem of information access by creating centralized structures.

But information is usually accessed within the context of a group or a project that cuts across centralized structures.

As a result and according to a report by McKinsey, employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value.

Our solutions are designed to solve this problem for organizations. Here are the steps.

  • 1
    Curate in the Browser
    Our Kurator solution makes it really easy to curate, comment, and organize access to information in the browser. Each department can be in charge of their own curation and commenting. The project manager can quickly and easily optimize and enhance the curated content for the best results.
  • 2
    Pusblish to KM Portals
    Publish the curated content to a centralized curated portal that is easy to access and index. For each post add a summary that helps users learn about the content in that post. This will help users navigate the information faster to find the information they need for their week. Add images to help with the discovery process.  
  • 3
    Use Chatbots to access the content
    Conversational chatbots are the ideal interface to manage information access for corporations. Let people use natural language to find the information they need from any device. Learn from their utterance, to direct people to the right information, and to add new content to answer questions.  
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