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    Karan Bavandi

    In order to share your research you need to organize and export your research in curation files. Once you create your curation file and select which curation folders your want to publish you simply export the same file every time you are ready to update your research online.

    Follow these steps to create a curation file. The same process holds for both KBrowser and Kurator

    • In the KBrowser “Firefox extension” open the sidebar and select “Curation Tree”
      curation tree.  With Kurator simply open the Bookmark manager.
    • Next right-click on the “Curation Tree” folder and select Create –> Curation File
    • Once you have the file you will need at least one group for adding and Publishing your research stored in “Curation Folders”
      • Right click on your Curation File and select “New Curation Group”
      • Next Right Click on your newly created “Curation Group Folder” and from the “Link” field select one of your existing “Curation Folders
        Curation Page Dialog
    • Follow these steps to add more Groups and Pages to your research
    • Once you have created this file you can export it by right clicking on the “Curation File” folder and choosing “Export Curation File”
    • Now simply add new items to your curation folder and export them very time you want to update your research online.
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