Work Smarter, a proven system for organizing and sharing access to what you find online!

A powerful yet easy-to-use solution to manage access to your media and reuse your assets for collaboration, social media messaging, curated newsletters, lead magnets, managing conversational chatbot responses!

Deigned for thought leaders, marketers, influencers!

Keeping track of what you find online is a challenge! Kurator is designed to help you author information about the information you save! This will help you remember and easily index your knowledge base and helps others make sense and discover valuable content!

Marketers, curate, manage swipe files

Curators,  organize and share resources

Sales teams share curated content to grow inbound traffic!

Thought leaders and email marketers power their newsletters with curated content!

Campaigns, nonprofits curate and share their commentary on emerging news!

Curate and organize with ease!

With one click Kurator scrapes all the important information about the media you want to save, and lets you edit and author that information, so you can remember and index what you save easily!

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Search vs Discovery

Well-organized curated pages present content in a context helping people learn more about the topics you share! According to reports by McKinsey research, the main reasons for productivity loss are related to poorly curated content and unskilled search. Authoring your content, author, and publisher tags will help your team save time looking for information and grow engagement with your content by your site visitors.

Publish your collections!

Quickly publish selected collections to a visual portal integrated with your WordPress site, or to our hosted solution and share it with the World!

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Manage Chatbot Responses for Dialogflow Chatbots!

Manage chatbot responses outside your chatbots! We offer a set of webhooks for Dialogflow that connect our curated content hubs with your bots and let you build more powerful, dynamic chatbots faster. Build your own Siri or Alexa with our Chatbot Content Management System solution!

  • Plan Sponsor Consultants by Addie George

    We are an elite retirement planning consultancy. Being a trusted source for our prospects and clients is part of our value proposition. A library of curated content readily searchable that is based on third-party articles that we have assessed for accuracy and effectiveness in communication is an important component of being a dependable advisor. We use the KBucket content hub and Kurator to gather, curate, organize and distribute these articles in a simple manner that is both attractive and engaging for our visitors and staff.

  • Immigration Attorney by John Manley

    I’m a US immigration attorney that utilizes Kurator and KBucket to turbocharge my social media content distribution. I curate, comment, and instantly categorize new immigration-related news once, then share it across several platforms. The news I compile also aids me in my profession since all of the material is immediately available and indexable.

  • Assistant Professor, Syracuse University by Bahram Attaie

    I teach cybersecurity courses at Syracuse University, and I was seeking a method to better manage our resource library. The fact is that there is so much great information and resources that should be shared and is usually lost when students move on and new students come in. Kurator is a great tool to help us build a resource library.

  • Opposition Research By Bryce Summary P.H.D

    At “Show me Victories” we provide strategic communication to our clients. As part of our service, it is essential that we thoroughly research our subjects to gain insight into our strategy for communication. We have been using Kurator for a few months now and it has proven to be a huge time saver over previous methods and tools. I have saved 5 hours a week, curating, organizing, and sharing my research with my team.

  • International Medical Group By Geoff Tothill

    A Game Changer for both individuals and companies

    I should add that I’ve been a long-time user of Optimal Access curation tools, and our firm has utilized them for several years as a method to simplify access to information for various departments in our organization. We discovered that our employees were able to use the Intranet more efficiently and that customized access to information for certain groups aided their co-workers in training new workers.

  • Full Stack Data Scientist By Yasmin Sahaf

    I used Kurator to research information about a Machine Learning subject. I would say the product is user-friendly. I really like how it auto-populates the field before saving. I like that you can share your research with other people on KBucket. Also if more people upload their files and folders I would consider checking them out before starting my own research.

  • Founder AndLeads By Goutom Kumer

    Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For!!!!!

    As a researcher, the extension is really helpful for me and I just loved it. I’d recommended the extension to anyone. Thanks

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