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Curate, Organize and Share your Research in Context

Every item on the Internet is a link. News articles, Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube Videos, PDF and Office Documents.  With our tools you can curate and organize your research in content libraries that are both easy to access and share.

Save time curating and commenting your research with our browser tools. Publish your research into content libraries. Easily editorialize news and research with personal comments and tags. Update the organization and arrangement of your research with ease!

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    Curation made easy

    Our tools make it easy to curate, comment, tag and organize every link in special curation folders in your browser.  Curating your interest every day, will save you time and help you communicate your findings efficiently. Organize access to websites, web articles, twitter feeds, Facebook posts, documents in content libraries.

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    Share your findings in Context

    As researchers, you have the need to share your findings with others. This can be both securely and privately, or publicly. Our tools make it easy for your to share curated folders, and/or published selected links online via our KBucket solution.

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    Remember Everything

    Content is exploding. Every day there are thousands of news articles. Most of these articles are not optimized for search. This means, if you don't save what you find, you may have a hard time finding it again. Curating, commenting and saving research in context, will help your organization preserve institutional knowledge.

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    KBucket as your Research Hub
    Imagine if every Journalist and researcher in your news room, curated and saved their research on a KBucket page.  You could save hours researching topics, and discover threads that you may not have been aware of chasing stories.  With KBucket every research becomes an organizational asset, instantly accessible by all!

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Event History (KBucket Examples)

Elections 2016
Recorded History of the 2016 elections. Includes the Democratic and Republican primaries and the general election as well as the Donald Trump presidency to date. Includes a list of all the journalist with links to their twitter accounts. We have a record of the 2012 and 2008 elections. Great place for historians to compare campaign promises and governance!
News released by Wikileaks and about Wikileaks, organized into source channels. (i.e. UK papers, US papers, German Papers, Spanish papers, Liberal Blogs, Conservative blogs, Tech Blogs). There is also a channel on the Palestinian papers.  The ideas was to separate news from different regions into their own channels.
Koch Brothers
The research on the Koch Brothers started in 2010 The purpose was to record how the Koch front groups, funding of various causes and candidates govern candidates and laws in this country. There is accompanying research on the causes Koch Brothers invest in, on issues like Global warming, healthcare, education.
Occupy Walll Street
News curated during the Occupy Wall Street events starting in 2011. Organized into channels on activism, demands, issues and lists of various occupy groups around the country and the world. As a historical event it will be interesting to look back at the demands by occupy wall street to learn how this movement resonates into the future!