Content Hub Solution

KBucket: Plug & Play Content Hub

Plug and Play content hub for your website visitors to find branded, curated, social media, user-generated, or any type of content related to your business, your brand

Use Cases for KBucket Content Hub

Content Hubs for B2B Sales

Publish your latest marketing material (Blog Posts, Video, PDF files, Product info Pages) in one place and make it easy for your marketing to audit the information and for your salespeople to share it!

Web design and development

Curated News Letters

Many popular Email Newsletter platforms like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp let you add content from RSS feeds to build your newsletter content.

Our KBucket solution will act as a source for your content and the landing page for your newsletter and make it really easy for you to build impactful newsletters quickly and easily.

curated newsletter

Swipe Files

Welcome to the modern swipe file. A place where your marketers can quickly and easily save, comment, organize, and share great copy! Marketers and copywriters have been saving a great copy as inspiration and our multi-user content hub solution merges everyone's research in one place and lets the team vote and select the best for inspiration!

swipe files

Watch this video to see the applications of KBucket.


KBucket Plugin for WordPress

To download, install and activate the KBucket Plugin for WordPress you must first register with us.

To install KBucket, type "KBucket" in your wordpress plugin search box, or download the plugin from links provided in your profile page.

Profile Page

KBucket Multi-user Platform

Our Multi-user KBucket system is available to enterprise and agency clients. We offer a white label solution and a licensing model based on the number of authors and KBucket pages.

Users can also sign up and use our public KBucket solution as their host. There is a fee associated with training and webhook code. Contact us for more info.