Kurator: Collect, Organize, Share

An easier and more efficient way to curate, organize, and share your research!

Curation Made Easy!

Kurator makes it really easy to curate, comment, and organize web pages, web documents, social media posts with one click. Kurator scrapes information off the page and lets you Edit and manage your comments while on the page, looking at the information you are saving!

Kurator Dialog 500

Access posts in the Browser!

Kurator folders are inside your browser and synced across your devices. Create nested folders to manage your projects, quickly sort and filter the links using the headline, author, publisher, content tags, and date columns. Preview your comments and easily drag and drop links between folders

Kurator - Folders

Publish Selected Folders!

You can publish selected folders to the KBucket content hub. (See the content hub on our site for an example).

You can create one or more KBucket files under the Curation Tree, in your Kurator Bookmark Manager. Right-click on the Curation-Tree to create a new file. Next, create one or more group(s) for export. Under each group select the folders you want to be published on your content hub.

See the KBucket page for more info.

KBucket Files II

Watch this video to learn how to get started with Kurator


Kurator offers a Freemium model. The free version of Kurator offers three folders for storing your research.

The paid version ($4.99/month or $49.99/year) allows you to create unlimited folders, share and import folders and create and publish KBucket pages!