Chatbots and Advocacy Solution for Campaigns, Non Profits and Government Agencies

Chatbots are the ideal interface to distribute content and communicate news and information with voters and constituents.

Whether you are running political campaigns or need to communicate important information with your constituents we can help.

Our solution makes it easy to manage a fast moving information world and keep followers updated with the latest information.

Additionally, our advocacy solution lets you spread your message through the power of word of mouth and build trust with your community.

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    Create interactive Chat Bots
    We provide you the tools and expertise to build your chatbots. Once we set up your chatbots and your connections, you can use your campaign staff to manage the content in your chatbots easily and effortlessly with no programming or chatbot knowledge required! Click on the chatbot in the lower-left corner to see an example.
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    Grow Your Reach
    Turn your social media followers into powerful advocates.  Our Social Advocacy tool grows the reach of your messages by a factor of 20X or more. Word of mouth is more powerful than online advertising. Build a trusted group of advocates to boost your reach and share your voice. To learn more about our advocacy solution ask our chatbot how to grow your reach!

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