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Kurator is our Chrome Extension that enhances your bookmark manager. It scrapes information off the pages you want to save, let's you modify and add comments, content tags and publisher and author information is separate fields. 

Pin all of your research under one tab, never lose a link, publish and share your research online and save time every day looking for information.

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KBrowser offers the ultimate browser interface. Organize access to your information sources in tabs, Save tabs in groups and turn your browser into a personal dashboard. You can close tabs without deleting them. You can open temporary browsing windows as subpages to your active window.

KBrowser works with the Waterfox browser, an excellent fast browser built on the Mozilla technology that has eliminated many of the encryption and data collection features of Firefox. Download Waterfox and add KBrowser from the addon page - "install addon from file".

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WordPress Plugin for your Website

KBucket is our plugin for WordPress for sharing your research. Use it for Content marketing, authoring access to your documents, building and boosting your backlink strategy and improving your SEO.

Some Examples of KBucket Pages

John Manley
John is an Immigration attorney. He curates and shares news on US immigration to engage his followers with related topics.
Politics and Advocacy
Here we have an example for political advocacy groups. Curate news, and share it often. Use news articles to inform and engage your audience. Be ready to respond with the right message.
Optimal Access
We curate articles related to content marketing, growth hacking SEO and blogging. We share our curated content via social channels and use it as reference for our blog post and social selling.