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  • Learn how to create and save Page Tabs in KBrowser
    KBrowser, Page Tabs, Video
  • Group Tabs in KBrowser let you organize your favorites by project and category. Similar to how drawers work in your kitchen cabinets!
    Group Tabs, KBrowser
  • KBrowser portals are new windows, that hold a number of Group and Page Tabs.  You can switch between portals in the same instance of your browser. You can also share portals with other KBrowser users.
    KBrowser, Portals
  • Curation folder are a more efficient way to bookmark and save your research. With KBrowser you can create as many curation folders as you like. Dragging a link into the curation folder, scraps information off the page and lets you add additional information. Curation folders act as channels on KBucket pages!
    Curation Folders, KBrowser, KBucket
  • Sidebar in KBrowser offers a number of very useful commands for navigating the program and optimizing it for the way you want to work.
    KBrowser, sidebar
  • Kurator is an enhancement to the Bookmark Manager in chrome. Links are curated into folders of your choice. The program scrapes information off the page and let's you store your comments and tags with the link.
    Curation Folders, Kurator
  • Are you keeping your tabs open, because your are afraid to lose them. See how you can solve the "Too Many Tabs" problem with Kurator and speed up your computer.
    Kurator, productivity
  • Kurator makes it real easy to share your research (links, comments, tags) with other Kurator's or the world via the KBucket platform.
    collaboration, KBucket, Kurator, productivity
  • Learn how KBucket can help you drive inbound traffic from sharing your curated content on social media.
    content curation, content marketing, inbound marketing, KBucket