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    Karan Bavandi

    The Settings page is the 2nd Tab in your KBucket dashboard.  You set the following parameters on this page.

    API Key: This is where you enter the API key from your registration page. You need to enter either the basic or the paid API key to upload files to your site.

    Author Tag Display: Select yes if you want your author tags as part of your display

    Page Title: If you want to add a title for your page, enter it here, or leave blank for no title.

    Site Search: Display the Search Box on your KBucket page

    Sort Order: You can specify the sort order by date and author.  Users can also sort on the page

    Number of Listings per Page: Here you specify how many pinned articles you want per page.  This is more for the professional version.

    HTML for K-Share: Here you can either enter an ad code or your own banner for promoting some service or product on your site or one of your affiliates.  The size of the box is 300 x 250

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