Create engaging curated newsletters in minutes!

We all know how hard it is to create content for newsletters.

Creating unique and engaging posts takes time that most don’t want to spend on their newsletter.

If this challenge sounds familiar to you, then our solution will make it both easy and fun to create newsletters your users want to read!

The Purpose and Goals for a Curated Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to stay connected with your audience. However, there are only so many updates you can provide about yourself without being repetitive or boring.

A curated newsletter allows for sharing outside content that will be interesting and engaging enough on its own merit to keep the recipient interested over time!

You can be as creative as you wish with your newsletter content.

Many marketing innovators have been able to build a large subscription base by sharing curated newsletters.

This post, “by mention” explores 8 curated newsletters ideas that have been successful in engaging and growing their subscriber base. 

  • The mention memo: Every week you get a newsletter filled with cool gifs, valuable free resources, and insightful commentary around a trending marketing topic 
  • Geekout: Round-up of social media news
  • Please Advise: Broken into three segments of Look, Do and Try
  • The Hustle: A newsletter for Millenials that brings a conversational tone to news and tech coverage
  • TL;DR: A minimalist format to news coverage, with the latest news on Social Media, SEO, and paid media
  • Intercom: A messaging platform for websites, and their newsletter has nothing to do with their product. They cover news on tech trends, product marketing, customer support
  • Product Hunt: A curation platform that publishes the 10 best products released in the last week
  • The Daily Carnage: Hand-picked list of the best marketing content delivered to your inbox daily.

Integrate Curation as part of your daily activity with Kurator

We make it easy to generate interesting and engaging content easily and frequently.

We let you turn your daily activity into content that engages and helps you stand out as a thought leader.

As a professional, you are constantly bombarded with news and information from various channels, like news and social media sites.

Our tools make it easy to curate, comment and queue this information for use in your newsletters.

Our Kurator extension for chrome lets you curate and comment on the post while you are on the page.

This makes it really easy to review the post and add a meaningful comment that will engage your audience.

Any link accessible in your browser can be curated and prepared for use in your newsletter.

Kurator pop-up Dialog

Post your content to a content hub – KBucket

Next, you post this information to a content hub on your website.

Kurator lets you save your research in multiple folders. You can choose which folders you want to post to your content hub.

The content hub software is called KBucket, where K stands for Knowledge.

KBucket is a WordPress plugin that integrates with your webpage, and lets you easily post your curated content.

If you don’t have a WordPress site, you can still use our system.

Simply create a subdomain on your site, install WordPress and the KBucket plugin, and link to it from your main website.

Our content hub solution works out of the box and offers an elegant landing page for sharing your curated content.

Your content hub will act both as the source and the landing page for your newsletter!

KBucket content hub

Setup your Curated Newsletter with

To set up a curated newsletter with our solution the email platform needs to support RSS feeds for adding outside content sources.

We have tested our solution with multiple platforms and found that is an easy-to-use and powerful solution for the purpose of creating and sending curated newsletters.

Here are the steps for creating newsletters with

Design your Email Template provides a variety of pre-designed layouts that you can modify. You may also create your own. offers four pre-designed templates as standard.

  • Newspaper: A newspaper-style template. Includes a large first article.
  • Classic: Effective and simple. Includes small image articles.
  • Big and Bold: Large size image articles and bolder fonts.
  • Insight: focused on text and information.

Each template comes with a set of blocks for inserting content!

You may use your own unique message and offers to keep your readers interested while also promoting your own products and services.

The following are the layout components for each email. You can choose to hide any of these elements and customize what you want to see.

  • Header: This is a placeholder for your log image
  • Text/HTML#1: A block for adding one or more paragraphs of text
  • Banner: A banner with a hyperlink to your landing page
  • Articles: You can specify how many articles you want and these are pulled from your content source, which in our case is the RSS feed. You can add other sources and mix and match your content
  • Two Banner blocks for adding promotional images with hyperlinks
  • Rest of Article: More articles from your content source
  • Banner #2: Another promotional image with a hyperlink
  • Text/HTML #2: A block for adding one or more paragraphs of text
  • Footer: For adding your company info and social links

Setting up your Content Sources

Each newsletter is filled with material from a list of sources that includes your curated channels as well as certain websites and blogs you choose.

Our content libraries may be divided into many channels, each of which has its own custom RSS feed.

You can also add your social media profile and/or select from a selection of industry websites. content source screen

Then, you can create some filters for the type of material you wish to get from your social networks.

All of the content is added to your “upcoming content” queue, and you may now pick what you’d like to share.

When a curated content source is used, however, editing has already been completed, so you’re in

Personalizing your newsletter per user!

Rasa’s AI engine may personalize the material supplied to each member of your network.

At first, the content is chosen from your pool of sources.

As soon as your consumers begin interacting with your information, the customization process will begin.

The knowledge gained from this approach will provide a thorough understanding of your communities preferences, which will assist you in better targeting your clients’ demands.

Other Email Platforms and Getting Started

You may use our curated content libraries with a variety of other email newsletter platforms.

We’ve tested it with Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and while it works, there isn’t much customization available.

If you are interested to try out Kurator, click here.

If you like the demo, please schedule a time here.