Dynamic Curated Lists – A more Powerful Way to Establish your Brand

The fact is we are always in research mode.  Every day we receive tens of emails, go online to LinkedIn, Facebook and visit various news and information sites to stay informed.

During all these activities we find gems.  Articles and insights that we like, re-tweet and share in various fashions to inform our social groups.

Imagine now if you had a way to make everything you ever shared, the best of the best, curated, organized and easily accessible to you and anyone else interested in your topics of interest.

Curating and maintaining the best of the best not only will say something about you the curator, but it is also a valuable resource for anyone interested in the same topics you are.

Many consultants and blogger’s maintain best lists on topics of choice and these lists and directories help authors rank high on search engines.

How often do you come across titles like “5 Top Social Media Dashboards”, Or “15 Best Marketing tools”, or “5 habits of successful entrepreneurs”.  I get a few of these in my inbox every day.  Try searching for “The best social media tools” and see what you get.

I suggest that a dynamic list, a list that is always being updated and enhanced is superior to static “Post Type” pages and will stand out from the pack.  Moreover, there are only so many ways to praise an activity or describe a process.  Curating the most relevant and eliminating repetition from a search is a valuable service, don’t you agree?

KBucket (Knowledge Buckets) pages are curated links that are organized into channels and tagged by the author for easy navigation and discovery.  These pages offer a number of advantages over flat “Post Type” pages.

First, you can easily add, delete and filter links by category, date, author and other differentiating meta data making them easily accessible.  Next you can share each link in your list to drive traffic back to your own site.

On our company site, I curate on topics related to curation, social media, marketing, search and digital advertising. Here are a few examples of how the KBucket research can be shared

Here is my research on “Why Curation“, a list of great articles I found over the years that best describe the process and value of curation.  As a curator, I pay great attention to selecting articles that introduce a fresh perspective.  I also use the list as a sales tool to introduce different benefits of curation since its always better to let someone else praise the value of your activities!

My tools list is divided into 3 channels and by now I have over 100+ companies in each list.  If I am missing any items you think should be in this list please make your suggestion through the button on the right side of the page.

For content marketing I can share each link in my list individually to drive traffic back to my site, like this twitter message: “How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas .

Curated pages in my estimation will become the first destination for anyone researching a topic on the internet.  Curators will be doing the heavy lifting to make finding relevant and informative information on the web easier.  Let people start their search with your research.

I am at the beginning stages of building a network of KBucket authors. Contact me at karan@opt.stylemix.biz if this resonates with you and you are interested in starting your own KBucket page.