Accelerate Your Content Production with Content Curation

Curating content is a powerful way to build your brand and engage your audience. The Internet’s endless supply of content makes curation a great way to discover the best information for you and your readers/followers.

What is Curated Content?

The first definition for curate on Merriam-Webster reads, “to select especially good material (as writing) and edit it”. It also says that curators are “responsible for an exhibition or show”.

Pretty simple: Content curation is the practice of finding, organizing, annotating, and sharing the most relevant and high-quality digital content on a certain topic for your target market in a business setting.

There are three important points associated with this definition, each with its own set of requirements. These are the most important aspects to remember about content curation:

  • Curated content is not generated through an algorithmic process. Each person contributes their own particular insights to the content they are curating.
  • Curation isn’t a one-time activity. You may never know when you’ll be motivated to curate and discuss what you see.
  • Your comments, vision, and experience regarding the material you’re organizing are critical components of content curation.

You can read a more detailed description of content curation guidelines to create kickass content here.

Why Curation Matters to Your Content Marketing

A recent study by Content Marketing Institute suggests that 85% of marketers give credit to content curation for their organizations success.

Curation can serve many purposes in an organization.

Marketers may curate content that is tailored to their audiences’ interests and distribute it through newsletters, social media posts, or as a source of inspiration for their own work.

Content curation is a low-cost operation that does not require additional resources, but can achieve important milestones with fewer resources for marketers.

  • Curating only the most relevant and higest quality content insures higher engagment with your audience.
  • By curating content from a variety of places, you will give your audience a wider range of views and interests, as well as build a relationship with your industries influencers by mentioning the sources.
  • Sharing curated content regularly will increase the frequency of your publishing without the heavy lifting of creating original content.

Content Curation Process!

The process of curation can be divided into 2 phases

  • Discovery
  • Curation

Discovering material to share may come from anywhere.

You may always utilize various AI solutions to assist you in discovering relevant content, but I’ve discovered that your own discovery process generally produces superior material to share.

I am willing to bet that my process is similar to many in the industry.

When I look for answers because some post peeked my curiosity, or consider creating a blog article, I usually find something that is share-worthy!

Curation is about saving your moments of inspiration so that you can remember and reuse them later.

Kurator – A Content Curation Tool

Kurator, makes the process of curating content really easy.

Once you install Kurator’s chrome extension, it integrates seamlessly with your browser.

The Kurator button in the tool bar let’s you save any content in your browser window, with comments and meta tags, as ideas are still fresh in your mind!

Kurator makes it simple to organize and categorize your online research so you can quickly locate and share it with others.

Each project or topic can be stored in a separate folder, and each folder can be sorted by headlines, date, publisher, author and content tags.

This makes it easy for you to remember and find your content using your meta information you have stored with each post.

Marketing Curated Content

The most apparent use of curation thus far is personal productivity.

We’ve discovered that collecting and recording insights as you go about your day may save you time looking for data and keep you motivated.

However, your curated content may be utilized for marketing in a variety of ways.

Bust first, to market your curated content, you’ll need to be able to host it online on a content hub.

We offer KBucket, a WordPress plugin that can import curated folders from Kurator as independent channels on your website.

KBucket content hubs are designed to import your folders from Kurator and present it in a visual and organized way to your website visitors.

Users are able to easily filter and navigate the page using content, author and publisher tags, and share easch post independently on social media.

Integrate Access to all Resources in your Content Hub

A content hub is a useful tool for your organization to assist customers in their purchase process and make it simpler for salespeople to discover and distribute content with consumers.

What your salespeople learn about your customers’ requirements and interests may be quickly updated and enhanced using these curated content hubs.

You may create a lucrative asset for your business by constantly iterating your knowledge and experience of what you learn from clients into your content hub.

Today content hubs are used for Account Based Marketing by many large organizations.

KBucket is a powerful content discovery solution that has curated hubs for small and medium businesses to follow the path of many larger organizations and increase their client acquisition through curated content.

Power your Curated Newsletters with KBucket

KBucket is both the source and the destination for curated newsletters.

We provide a turnkey solution that allows you to use your content hub channel’s RSS feed to automatically feed your curated newsletter.

Furthermore, when subscribers click on the links in your email, they will initially go to your site before proceeding to the source.

In this manner, you’ll be able to express your thoughts on the links you share and market yourself and your business as a thought leader in your field.

You can learn more about our curated newsletter solution in our blog post.


The amount of content produced every time grows exponentially.

The key to getting more done is to choose the most essential content that comes our way. This will allow us to work more effectively by categorizing and organizing the most valuable material we come across.

Finally, by curating and organizing this information, we may create assets that can benefit the rest of our organization.

Give Kurator a try today!